I received a call from a good friend of mine around the end of January.  Shane Warth and his wife Tina were working with this singer-songwriter named Angie Goodale.  Never heard of her.   They had a gig booked at Smith’s Olde Bar and were needing a bass player to fill in.  I thought with my schedule as busy as it is, why not pile on one more project. Well, I agreed to do the show.  Didn’t ask for money.  I started listening to the tunes and they grew on me. Angie has a very good ear for “the song” and her voice is quite expressive and powerful.

“Historically speaking, Angie’s music interest had always been drums until she discovered the rewards of writing.  The natural transition from drums to guitar occurred when the option for playing live entered the musical picture.  In order to sing newly written songs, Angie had to teach herself guitar and so it was.  Still, there is the real potential for the guitarist to lay down a few drum tracks . . .”

Here are just a few of my favorites:
Liquid Photograph[audio: /03 Liquid Photograph.mp3]
Would You Be One[audio: /02 Would You Be One.mp3]
Have You Faith[audio: /07 Have You Faith.mp3]

Often times it’s hard for an artist to get the right band to back them up.  She is currently seeking a full time bass player. If interested, contact us by commenting at the bottom of this post.  As Angie continues onward, I have no doubt she will have the group and sound that best fits her new material.  I am glad they had me come out.  I had a great time playing with the band that night and we here at The Backstage Beat wish her much success.  Keep an eye open for Angie Goodale, Atlanta.  Good things are around the corner for this singer-songwriter.

The Angie Goodale Band WILL BE PERFORMING SONG #356, “I GOT YOU BABE” by SONNY & CHER for the annual 500 Songs for Kids held at Smith’s Olde Bar!

Saturday, April 30 · 7:00pm – 11:30pm
1578 Piedmont Avenue
Atlanta, GA
500 SONGS FOR KIDS is a 10-day live music marathon running from April 28th to May 7th, 2011. 500 DIFFERENT Artists will perform a countdown of the 500 GREATEST FEEL GOOD SONGS OF ALL TIME in the largest musician involved charity event in Georgia. SONGS FOR KIDS FOUNDATION is a non-profit foundation that brings musicians year-round to hospitals and special needs kids camps.

Performing in the pics below are:

Angie Goodale : Vocals and Guitar
Doug Morton : Lead Guitar, Vocals
Shane Warth : Drums
Tina Louise : Backing Vocals
Rob Alex : Bass

Smith’s Olde Bar : February 22

photos by Ange Alex