It’s a Tuesday in February, but it feels like spring has finally sprung on the city of Atlanta. Though it’s a school night, there’s a lot going on in our fair little city this evening. I’ve made my way to The Masquerade to see the local rockabilly band Atomic Boogie open for Canadian psychobilly band The Creepshow. The Creepshow are beginning their tour this evening in support of their recently released CD, They All Fall Down. Perhaps it’s the mild temperatures or the promise of a night filled with amazing music, but the room seems to have a certain electric energy.

As Atomic Boogie takes the stage, old friends greet each other and new friends are made. The band begins with the instrumental title track of their most recent CD, Slung A Rod and visits many fan favorites like Leadfoot Mama, Shakin’ My Heart Apart, I‘ll Be Leaving Memphis, and Broken Hearted Blues. By the time that the band ends with Broken Whiskey Bottle, it’s obvious that Atomic Boogie was the perfect choice to start the night!

The Creepshow takes the stage and the crowd welcomes the visitors from the great white north with wide open arms! The band plays songs from They All Fall Down and their previous CD, Run For Your Life. Every song seems to garner the same excited response from the fans who are singing and dancing. The Creepshow set list includes Rue Morgue Radio, Run For Your Life, Hellbound, Demon Lover, Get What’s Coming, Going Down (one of my personal faves!), and Take My Hand. Lead singer Sarah Sin announces that the band is going to do a slow song to dance to and couples break off to dance to Sleep Tight, a sweet du-wop sounding tale of a boyfriend who kills his girlfriend and buries her under his floor. Have no fear dear readers because soon The Creepshow is rocking again with other favorites like Keep Dreaming, Buried Alive, and Dearly Departed. All too soon, however, the music is done and as I glance around the room…noone looks disappointed! The fans look happy and satiated, content that they got their money’s worth on this night.

Backstage, Sarah confesses to me that she was worried that they weren’t going to make it to Atlanta since they had to contend with snow in Ohio. “We had to drive like 600 miles today! That’s why we got here so late today.” She also compliments me on my ring, a black heart with the word Bitten across the middle. While I do admit to paying $5 for the ring at Wal-Mart, I don’t mention that it was from the Twilight line of accessories. ;o)

I’m sure I’ll have a killer hangover tomorrow, but the night was worth it. Tonight was the kind of night that reminds me why I love music so much.

Photos by Karla Hill

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