“Fake Fest” will be held on Saturday Feb. 26th from 2pm-Midnight.  With an amazing line up of tribute bands set up with “Real” Beer brewed here in Atlanta at the Park Tavern & at Sweetwater.

Performers are as follows:

4pm-5pm REM (Remakes)
6pm-7pm THE EAGLES (Ill-Eagles)
8pm-9pm ROLLING STONES (Main Street Exiles)
10pm-11pm VAN HALEN (Dan Halen)

Spend a day in the park and enjoy rocking to the best Tribute Bands in the City!  We promise you will not have to FAKE your BUZZ, that will be 100% Real.

Thanks to The Park Tavern for this amazing chance to enjoy this city, live music and great beer!  Purchase your tickets online and enter discount code “Beat” to receive and exclusive Backstage Beat discount!!!  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TICKETS

A Fake Festival is a fabulous opportunity for families and local communities to enjoy a fun packed music day out together at their local playing field, village green, sports field or university or college campus. It’s a chance to meet up with friends and to listen to some great live bands.  Each Festival makes a mark on the local community and quickly becomes an event for all to look forward to and enjoy each year.

The tribute bands that perform at a Festival are chosen specifically to cover a wide range of age groups, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.