Valentine’s Day can mean different things to different people.  For those who find themselves alone on Valentine’s Day, February 14th can be marred with cynicism and overdoses on chocolate .  For this single gal, I cannot imagine a better way to spend “cupid’s night of love” than with the talented members of Flogging Molly. If you found yourself cuddling with a special someone this past Monday, your magical night could not possibly compare to the show Flogging Molly put on.

In pure Flogging Molly fashion, Dave King, Dennis Casey, Matthew Hensley, Nathen Maxwell, Bridget Regan, Robert Schmidt and George Schwindt rocked The Tabernacle! It was a show that gave this faithful fan a reason to be excited about the show since December, when I first found out I would be attending. Sticking to mostly “oldies but goodies”, it seemed almost impossible that this show was exponentially better than the show I saw 2 years ago. Back in 2009, I remember thinking how there was no way anybody could top that show. And believe me, the stupid grin that has been on my face for days, proves they blew my mind. Starting with “Requiem For A Dying Song” and including such hits as “Swagger”, “Likes of You Again”, “Factory Girls” and “Drunken Lullabies”, long time fans of Flogging Molly were able to sing along in the same way we would  in our cars: at the tops of our lungs with no care in the world. We were also privy to new songs like “Don’t Shut ‘Em Down” and “Speed of Darkness “. My hopes for a solid ending were confirmed when the first beat of “Seven Deadly Sins” began. I had hoped in my Valentine’s heart of hearts that they would play that song and for it to be saved for the end made my evening complete. I didn’t want it to end.

In the true spirit of Valentine’s Day, it was obvious to everyone in attendance that the band really felt appreciative to their fans. Dave King spent the evening sharing personal, poignant stories of those closest to him, even stating that his wife would seek revenge for divulging such information. After the show, many of the members came into the audience to greet the fans with memorabilia from the show while “talking music”. Dennis Casey even followed me to the merchandise booth where he continued to interact with fans.  If you want to get a sneak peek at the new album to drop in May, log on to their website for a free download. You’ll be glad you did.