Friday Night at Smiths Olde Bar,  three great acts took the stage and entertained the crowd.

The amazing and talented Nobody’s Darlings rocked the stage. Nobody’s Darlings rushed onto the music scene at break-neck-speed leaving the typical dizzy in their wake. How do you nail down the sound of a band who is as equally comfortable to hear with pop genres as well as harder rock and roll bands.

Next, Dave Franklin.  David Franklin is a renowned singer-songwriter from the Cabbagetown and Decatur Atlanta music scene. He is a member of the legendary Atlanta rock band, HollyFaith. He has toured and recorded with Drivn’ n’ Cryin’, Kristen Hall, Billy Pilgrim, and has opened for the likes of Johnny & June Carter Cash, Sinead O’Conner, and Jewel

Finally, Kevn Kinney who needs no introduction.  His set was solid and the crowd loved it.