We know you are all waiting for the Superbowl tomorrow and we wanted you all to know that you can actually help out our favorite cause, “The Wounded Warriors” during the Superbowl!!!

Our friend Tammy Hurt and her business partner Elizabeth Elkins of Placement Music have teamed up with some amazing companies to help the Wounded Warriors.

Placement Music was commissioned by FOX Sports to provide a 7-minute patriotic custom score for their Declaration of Independence feature. This masterpiece will air to an audience of 100+ million in over 200 countries  at 5:52 PM this SUPER BOWL SUNDAY, February 6th. The title of the track is “Declaration Anthem”, composed by Placement Music team member, Steve Dancz.

The support this provided by Wounded Warrior Project goes right along with Michelle Obama’s recent plea for Americans to start doing more than just saying “thanks” to the men and women that wear the uniform, especially those that are returning wounded. There are 40,000 injured from the current conflicts.

Immediately following the broadcast, “Declaration Anthem” (the soundtrack from the Declaration of Independence film broadcast during Super Bowl XLV)  will be available on iTunes and Amazon.com. All download sales will have a portion of the proceeds directed to the Wounded Warriors Project, an important non-profit that serves the 40,000 service members that have been wounded in the current conflicts. “Declaration Anthem” will be available in its full form, shortened form (radio edit) and as a ringtone. Our goal is to raise $1Million for the Wounded Warrior Project.