“REVIEW YOU”  By: Paul Stieffel

Last week was one of the most stressful for me as I am negotiating the future of my company, but I had made plans to go to Smiths’s on Friday and was going to stick to them come hell or high water. I was looking forward to seeing The Bridges and The Kicks. I also had a twitter commitment to THE KICKS to bring them fudge from our company. They were following me on twitter and when I mentioned fudge and the show, they said bring some over!

When I got to Smiths’ I found Jordan the lead singer of the Kicks and showed him the fudge. With his blank expression I could really tell he thought I was nuts. I said they asked me to bring fudge on Twitter, but he was still confused. Upon further clarification I was brought backstage. It became a this can happen on twitter, reality, as their drummer Lucas said hey “you’re Doctor Fudge!” It was really great to see what a little fudge can do. I hung out for a bit, but my intention for the fudge was promotion and not trying to “hang backstage” with the band.

I went downstairs to have a beer before the show with Ange, Amber and April who were there to meet the manager on their way  to another event. After mentioning that I went backstage Ange suggested I write a review of the show. This was actually the most stressful thing that happened to me. I intended to go to the show and rock out with some great bands and a few hard-earned beers. The last thing I expected was now an assignment for something I have never done before (and it will show below). I was honored to be asked and gave it a shot.

So how does one review a show? I don’t know, because I live for the moment at any show I have ever seen. I don’t record them or take song lyrics, I especially don’t take notes about each song! My memories are what I can retain from the show. I know I could have taken a bunch of notes at the show with my Blackberry, but I certainly did not want to be that guy in the audience on his blackberry all night. I needed to enjoy the show.

The Kicks great sound is what of course got out twitter “conversations” going. The album is amazing and I am thankful to be able to stream it all on their website. Check it out for your selves! THE KICKS They can handle All Out Rockers such as “Songs for the Queen”, “Hawk Eyes”, Infectious Power Pop – “Sore Thumb”, Hard rocking ballads such as “Celia”, “This Feeling” and “Soulchaser” topped off by Beatlesque ballads – “Good morning Sunshine”.

The Kicks rocked hard giving it their all for current and future fans. Playing a set made up of new songs , cuts from their first album “The Rise of Ling Ritchie” and a few surprises. I watched the whole show from the side looking at the audience. This allowed me to sort look at it from the bands point of view. They do a great job of engaging the audience and showing their fans and future ones a great time.

Mid way through one of their songs they segued into a rocking version of the Spencer Davis Group’s Gimme Some Lovin. For their last few songs they showed us what makes them tick! They got their “Led” out with Rock N Roll, ELO’s Don’t Bring Me Down,and Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls. These covers speak loudly of their influences and capabilities to take on such classic songs!

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