Friday night in metro Atlanta, The Regular Guys of Rock 100.5 got themselves roasted!

Yes, I know what you are thinking… this was a great day for Women, African-Americans, Hispanics and Gays, being that The Regular Guys do so much for equality. (insert laugh here, yes, this is an attempt to roast them in this post, maybe I’ll just stick to being pretty)

16 years in the making… Larry Wachs, Eric Von Haessler, “Southside” Steve Rickman and Tim Andrews morning show targets men aged 25 to 49. Knowing two of them personally, I can say they are really nice. They just say what they want on the air and shock value is key.

Marshall Chiles  who played toastmaster at the roast,  invited The Backstage Beat to sit in and watch the humor unfold.  Marshall did a great job toasting the fella’s but really seemed as though he roasted Sebas (The Regular Guys “Whipping Boy”) more than anyone else.  Since we cover a lot of family events and other activities in Atlanta, I can’t even began to write what was said.

Also, there was a video to watch, which included what I think was supposed to be a funny toast to the Regular Guys from Adam Corrola.  Maybe I just didn’t get it, after all, I am a girl.

Big Kenny was up next… and you know what?  He was funny!  I found it amusing that the only Black guy to roast the guys was by far the funniest… oh I enjoy irony!

Herman from Dunwoody,  wow…. I really don’t know what to say.  At least he tried.

Vinny Bucci and some guy named John Rocker took their turns….. turns out that I did know who John Rocker was… remember January 2000, John Rocker spoke his mind to NY press and had his butt handed to him for bring a racist, homophobic sexist.  Seems only fitting he would roast The Regular Guys.

There was a great moment at the beginning when The Regular Guys breakdancing team came out and performed.  They were all young boys so I know Sebas enjoyed it… ah, zing!

In all seriousness, The Backstage Beat was honored to be there and watch these guys laugh at themselves.  The Regular Guys have been an Atlanta staple for years and we can not wait to have them on as our “Voices of Atlanta” March edition.

See you soon boys!

Awesome pictures of the roast by our superstar photographer Tom Dausner: