700 South is a local band that is at the top of the cover band chain.

They have  a new single out now.

The new single is called “Maybe I Should Be With You” and is kind of difficult to classify into a musical genre. It’s a rock tune and it has pop sensibilities but people tell us it sounds like surf music mixed with modern rock, with a classical Spanish flamenco guitar break / drum solo.  Their guitarist Steve calls its vibe “Spaghetti Western”.
Casey Williams (Bassist) had this to say about the new song, “I wrote the song initially over the summer last year while taking a vacation at a cabin up on Lake Lanier. The band took the basic song and came up with incredible arrangements, which have definitely morphed it in some unusual and cool directions. There’s lot of interesting melodies and very catchy hooks.”

700 South has been performing the song live since last fall and they recorded the single at “Richenroll Studios” in Roswell.

The song was produced by 700 South and Rich Grillo.  Rich was the engineer , he did all of the mixing and mastering. Their guitarist Steve Storey made huge contributions to the recording as well – he has a fantastic ear for production and kept them all in check, Casey told me..

The song is of course performed by 700 South – Lisa Weiland (vocals), Steve Storey (guitar), Casey Williams (bass) and Bill Weiland (drums). Rich Grillo performed the classical “guitarchistra”.

For more information on the band, visit them HERE.  Make sure to check out their St. Patty’s Day celebration at Sidelines in Holly Springs!