To be completely honest, which is really all we want from people in life, this is my very first concert review.  That being said, I am not a writer by nature, it doesn’t come easily to me as it does to some.  But there is something about music…good music, that makes all things possible.  It opens people’s eyes and frees their minds to go wherever they may.  I spent a Thursday in Heaven with four up and coming bands that each had their own finger print and creative sound, but all seemed to share that fresh thread of possibility.

The night got started right with the confident energy of A: The Color, a band who got their start here in Atlanta in 2009, led by Zach Beachum and Ethan Gabriel Jack.  Their new age sound mixed with a touch of headbangers ball was right on to set the mood for the evening.  Dynamic and bright as the light on the mic, they have what it takes to liven up even the smallest of week day crowds!

Next up was the gentle jam sounds of The Woodgrains.  This band who hails out of Athens, is made up of the talented trio known as Nick Carroll, Dylan Crosby, and Evan Amburn.  Their sound takes you back to the roots of rock and soulfulness at its best.  Their voices combine to make a deep south melody of smooth twang, its easy to lose yourself in their rhythm.

The crowd seemed to flow into a mix of retro-hippie urban pipeline punk, with a touch of 80”s as The Orkids took the stage.  Formed in late 2008, this band consists of Sandra Gallardo, Adam Monica, Joshua Schwarber, Brad Lee Zimmerman and Sheldon Wolfe.  They create some fantastic sounds, amazing vocals and energy that fill the space with a true alternative indie feel that takes you to another place.

The night went out with a bang as Stokeswood took the stage!  Their presence is undeniable, their energy unable to be extinguished.  Homegrown here in the ATL, the Carassians are Adam Patterson, Mark Godwin, Reed Irvine, Jon Joiner and Justin Mullinix and are making quite a stir with their riveting debut album Carassia.  With a style all their own, fusing electro funk with new age sharpness and thrill, they quickly whipped the crowd into a frenzy.  Hard not to be swept off your feet by the power of their live performance, quite a way to end an evening….in Heaven!

It was a pleasure to meet Shawn Williams, who put the show on.  It was her second show at The Masquerade and I know she will have much more success.