Take a vintage Sun Rockabilly 45 RPM record and a classic Chess Blues 45 RPM
record; apply enough musical heat to fuse them together into a toe tapping, body
gyrating boogie explosion; and then you’ve got a band like Atomic Boogie! Taking
their name from an eclectic 1950s radio show called The Atomic Boogie Hour, this
rockin’ three piece band has been tearing up the Georgia club circuit for the
past six years. They have just released a second CD “slung a rod” that features
all original songs and now plans to tour the southeast and beyond.

Guitarist John Barton has been plying his trade of patented twangin’ Rockabilly riffs and
scorching dirty Blues lines on guitar for over twenty-three years. Combined with
his over the top vocal style which has been described as Howlin’ Wolf meets
Elvis, he has played in dozens of Blues and Rockabilly bands during his musical
career. When Barton decided to form a band that played roots style music,
combining the best from both the Blues and Rockabilly worlds, the first person
he enlisted was his best friend and musical kindred spirit, Chad Vaillancourt.

Vaillancourt is a 10-year veteran of various Psychobilly, Hillbilly, Blues, and
Rockabilly bands. With a slap happy attitude and manic energy, Chad plays
outrageous upright bass and has a cool west coast jump vocal style. He is also a
clever and talented song writer, sharing the song writing duties with Barton on
the Atomic Boogie original tunes.

Atomic Boogie’s rhythm section includes drummer, Steve Duncan (aka: “The Sultan of Snare”).
Originally from Rome,Georgia, he is a solid veteran of popular Blues bands such as “DeJa Blues”, “One
Eyed Cat”, “Blues Pond” & “The Russel Gulley Band” that features the well known
Johnny Neal of the “Allman Brothers” & Chris Anderson of the “Outlaws”. Steve’s
considerable skill & knowledge of music shines through powerfully each night as
he lays down a heavy fat-bottom beat accompanied by a true Rockabilly Texas
Swing that forms a hot rhythm section. Playing a personalized brand of roots
rock music, including elements of Rockabilly, Blues, Hillbilly, Psychobilly;Surf, and good old
traditional Rock and Roll, Atomic Boogie has gained a loyal following of fans known affectionately
as Boogie Heads. With a professional attitude and a credo of God loves you if you dance, every show is an
unpredictable fun filled good time so get ready for the shack to shake and the house to rock!!!
Its Atomic Boogie comin’ at ya!

Atomic Boogie is:

John Barton (Guitar/Vocals)
Chad Vaillancourt (Standup Bass)
Steve Duncan (Drums)