Jungle shakes things up this weekend as they present the hit Broadway musical Cabaret, in cooperation with City of the South Theater Company. It’s the official introduction to the club’s 2011 theatre and comedy series.

The 1966 Broadway production spawned the Bob Fosse-directed 1972 film version starring Liza Minelli. Numerous other revivals have been staged over the years. Those in attendance for Del Shores: Sordid Confessions last weekend got a taste of Cabaret with a one-song preview performance.

Jungle will transform into Berlin’s Kit Kat Klub circa 1931, where singer Sally Bowles meets writer Cliff Bradshaw. As they embark on a torrid love affair, everything outside the club is beginning to splinter due to the rise of the Nazis.

Check back to see the exclusive review by The Backstage Beat’s own, Bradley Stier.