After the AWESOME success of NU Entertainments first show of 2011, This show is going to be no exception. Get ready for NU Entertainments SECOND show of the NEW YEAR 2011! And keeping with the tradition of the first show, SHOCK & AWE Productions will be joining us in order to bring you that TOP NOTCH, WORLD CLASS light show that sets NU Entertainment Present Shows apart from any other. This is an incredibly good year –

* Everyone’s Rock-n-Roll Vixen Heather Williams will be tearing up the stage with Asphalt Valentine, Rockets to Ruin, and Branded With Fear on March 19th at the Hard Rock Cafe’s Velvet Underground, Atlanta, GA. Doors open at 8pm, you can buy your tickets in advance on; $8 if your 21 or older, $10 if your 20 and under; at the door $10 if your 21 and older, $12 if your 20 and under. ALL AGES!!!

*HEATHER WILLIAMS* is everyone’s girl next door and favorite Xtreme Sports Athlete. If you haven’t seen her on the Motocross Track, Funny Car Races, or Racing around the Atlanta Motor Speedway, then you seen her on VH1’s Rock-n-Roll Fantasy Camp with Bret Michaels, Lita Ford, Ace Frehley, and Michael Anthony. On her way up with the quickness! You might want to go ahead and check out her site.  She has a project you might be interested in helping out with if you like to help OUR soldiers. Come to the show and get a chance to meet her and get to know her.

*ASPHALT VALENTINE* – “ROCK AND ROLL” is a term used to define a type of music, a person, a generation and a lifestyle. It’s a brand. Arrogant swagger, infectious groove, unbridled sexuality, heart racing rhythm, undeniable passion and soul are what separate ‘rock and roll’ from its musical counterparts. Asphalt Valentine is, without a doubt, a rock and roll band. Check them out.

*ROCKETS TO RUIN* – raw, uncompromising sound slaps conformity in the face, reaching out to a generation lusting after the glory days of rock n’ roll. Loud, energetic, and fun is their approach to songwriting. Energy and attitude is their approach to the stage. They don’t believe their lives are bad or that life is unfair. Instead, they believe in the power of rock n’ roll…and it shows! With a non-stop buzz developing, Rockets To Ruin has made its mark on fans of this music, and the numbers are growing daily.

*BRANDED WITH FEAR* – The name Branded with Fear was derived from the idea of being told not to follow your dreams and co-exist in a world of normality, and from that idea came the bands quote that can be found on all websites and banners “WE WERE SHOCKED WITH STATISTICS…WE WERE WATERED DOWN WITH REALISM…WE WERE SCARRED WITH IMPROBABILITIES…WE WERE BRANDED WITH FEAR*”