The Woods is a former funeral home turned music club. The chapel serves as the music hall. Located in the hip … like what’s not hip in Portland … Sellwood District of southwest Portland, the facility includes a basement crematorium that’s being renovated into another related bar concept.

The crowd was local and friends from Seattle … Is that local? Estrogen rich with a lesbian flair. I sorta felt like I was at a rally for the alternative lifestyle that many embrace.

Opening act was Jenny Hoyston doing her Liz Phair tribute. Her four song set was short but sweet.

Sweet Flowin Love followed with their tribute to Heart. They are locals Jen Augusta, Andrea Marie Johnson, Caitlin Love, Tasha Christianson, and Erin Leckenby (lead vocals) … Cute hip 20 year olds playing dress up Wilson Sisters. From the opening riffs of Magic Man, to the set closer of Barracuda … they rocked a loving and appreciative crowd … but hey … Heart songs have always been great heart songs … I’m just sayin :)

The last but not least act was Sinead O’Covers. A collection local talented musicians in their cover band debut, S.O. is Kaia Wilson (pipes & rythm guitar) , Jody BlyleHanna Blilie, Rachel Bloomburg . Kaia, the lead singer and fan fav,  is tough like Pat Benatar but has the pipes to sing Sinead. Then with the addition of a string section of two viols and cellos and a violin, we were treated to the full sound package … A veritable local orchestra pulled together to celebrate the music of Ms. O’Connor. As expected Kaia and her bandmates brought the house down with the Prince penned mega-hit “Nothing Compares 2 U”. A good evening of passionate music with a local tinge.

Off to a local karaoke club on the way home to hang with kiddos the age of my children … but hey … I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up … as if.