Gaming, Beer and Geek Trivia? All in the same place? Say it isn’t so… well, it is actually.  This place exists and it’s called Battle and Brew! Battle and Brew is located off Powers Ferry Road in Marietta.

dsc_0385My good friends, Dan and Robin Carroll as well as TBB writer Matt Pettefer have been trying to get me out to Battle and Brew for months!  Seems like I always had something else planned.  Tonight, I did not.  I went to see this legendary “Geek Trivia” I had heard so much about.

Before anyone gets mad at me, I am not calling it “Geek Trivia”, that is what it is referred to by Battle and Brew and loyal “geeks” that frequent the bar on Wednesday nights.

On the outside, Battle and Brew looks like a lot of other bars.  It sits nicely on the end of a small strip mall.  Pizza and a small grocery just down from them.  However, on the inside, it is like no bar I have every been to.

Gaming stations galore.  People in costumes and people of all ages seemingly getting along.  It appeared that this was not the place you would see a “bar fight” at nor would you  get hit on profusely and annoyingly.

When I arrived, trivia was about to start so people were scrambling to get their team names in.  I saw Dan and Robin so of course I had to go see them and meet their friends.  It is always a pleasure to see them and catch up but tonight, it was about Battle and Brew.

Matt was there and told me a little about his team that plays up there.  Most of the teams are regulars. They come week in and week out.  That says a lot about the venue and the trivia quality itself.

I met Sean Hagler, the general manager and much to my surprise, the trivia mastdsc_0392er himself.  He was extremely hospitable and actually sent me home with a t-shirt.  Thanks Sean!

As I looked around at the crowd, I saw some people on computers playing games, I saw people at the gaming station in the middle of the room and people sitting on a couch gaming as well.  It took me back to my days playing Mortal Kombat on my friend Paul’s couch, but we really don’t need to go into that at this point.

From what I heard from talking to some of the people in the crowd, this night was actually a slow night.  They told me last week it was so packed, they couldn’t even walk.  If tonight was slow, I’m impressed.

Trivia started and the categories were what I had somewhat expected: He-Man, Battlestar Galactica, Science and more. teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was a category!  It was actually pretty amazing to see a table full of people in their 30’s – 40’s singing the theme song to TMNT!  I have to say that I do believe Battle and Brew is one of the few places in the area where you can grab a beer, play trivia and belt out songs like that.  Not only is it encouraged, people will sing along with you. You are not alone.

You can buy a beer mug, get your name on it and every time you are there you fill it up for $1 off!  That is a great idea, and I think I need one (please? but spell my name right if you would, pretty please).

Tonight was someones birthday.  They sang him Happy Birthday and people bought him shots!  He was having a great time. Unfortunately, his fun ended as a lot of 21 year olds do, with a nice pile of vomit.  Yuck…. but hey, we’ve all been there before :)

This was a great experience.  The people were friendly, easy to talk to and seemed like they really enjoy Battle and Brew.

This is something I say you need to check out.  Come in costume! No one will mind.  Oh, and feel free to try to eat “The Final Level” burger.  I dare you! If you are going to try, let me know.  I want to come watch!

Thanks again to Sean for the great time.  Looking forward to more!