So you think you know the story of Cinderella, right? Two evil step sisters,
a wicked stepmother… a damsel in distress, who because of her pure heart and
glass slippers gets the prince charming at the end?
Well, let’s give this classic a modern day twist. It’s the 21st century, and
we do still have a damsel in distress, but this time, it’s not her evil
stepsisters or her wicked stepmother who are creating the drama in her life.
Introducing Diva-rella! She has been hired by two high powered agency execs
to be their housekeeper and personal assistant. Now these women are high
powered in many ways, and because they are in the public eye, they take
their appearance and first impressions very seriously. In other words, they
are skinny! Everything around them is pristine and is a personal and
professional reflection on who they are in business and in society. They
drive the finest cars and wear only the finest clothes.
Imagine their distress when they find out the agency has sent them a fat… I
mean, plus size housekeeper! Diva-rella is so not what they expected and
they view her as a poor reflection of who they are! How are they ever going
to explain to their society friends their new housekeeper/personal assistant
looking… uh… so unbecoming? Yes, she is good at what she does; yes she
fulfilled all of their requirements, but she is so not what they were
Diva-rella senses the unrest, and she knows exactly why they are treating
her the way they are. She sees past the fake smiles and mean spirited
comments disguised as “just jokes”. She may be a plus size girl, but she
takes pride in her appearance. But there is only so much sarcasm and cheap
uppercuts that one woman can take!
Question is, will her genuineness and bright personality be enough to get
the guy at the end, just like the Cinderella of old? Will this damsel in
distress be the princess who rides off into the sunset on a happily ever
after in the end? Or will her two skinny nemeses’ crush her under their bony
mean spirited fingers?
For this and other answers, you have to witness for yourself Master
Playwrite T.Y. Martin’s Diva-rella!


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