Rusted Root was in Atlanta last November and we had the privilege of talking to him and reviewing the show.  We found out last-minute that they were coming back to open the Sweetwater 420 Fest in Atlanta of Friday April 15th.  After talking to their management, we secured an interview with Michael again after the show.  It was an insane feat to do being that Amanda and I were stuck in traffic, fighting to find a parking place and then literally running through the festival looking for the tour bus.

Needless to say, it all worked out.

Michael told Amanda and I about the tour they are on and the new album they are currently working on.

Rusted Root is on tour on and off through July.  Check out their tour schedule HERE!

Rusted Root, the multi-platinum sextet out of Pittsburgh, evolved around front-man Michael Glabicki’s distinct sound and grew into a musical entity that has thrived in a non-genre specific category all its own. Rusted Root built their career around dramatic performances; their polyrhythmic, multicultural rock-and-soul picked up fans like a junkyard magnet as they swept across the nation on tour. Now, over a decade into a career with Rusted Root, Michael is ready to explore roads less traveled. What began as an opening act for Rusted Root shows, Michael’s solo tunes are beginning a new life completely independent from the successful jam band.