Stone Mountain Park, Spring Break 2011.

The wonderful PR department at Stone Mountain, including Marti and Jeanine invited my family out to experience the Spring Fun Break at Stone Mountain.

Listed in Frommer’s 500 Places to Visit with Your Kids Before They Grow Up and cited by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as one of “35 Natural Wonders in Georgia You Must See… we just knew we had to check out all the fun the park had in store for this perfect weather in Atlanta for the week of Spring Break.

Upon arriving we decided to get out Adventure Passes, $27 Adults/$21 Children 3-11 (tax not included)Includes all of the SFB activities and other popular attractions such as Sky Hike, Journey to the Center of the Earth 4D Adventure®, Summit Skyride, Scenic Railroad, mini-golf, Antebellum Plantation & Farmyard, The Great Barn and Memorial Hall.

We posed for a few pictures with the staff photographers and headed for Sky Hike.  Sky Hike is a trek through the treetops on one of the nation’s largest family adventure courses.  While secured to the patented overhead safety system, you get decide where you go on the course and how far up you go!

Rob, Aleena and Dorian were all tall enough to explore this family fun experience.  The got their harnesses on and headed up.  Braeden and I decided to follow along one of the overlook areas and cheer them on.

I was scared for Dorian a few times as he had to cross over above me on a small rope. He kept looking back to see if Daddy was close by and would get nervous. I was right below him and would re-assure him he was doing great. A really nice man, obviously a dad himself, started to cheer him on.  “Come on big guy, you can do it! You are almost there!”  My heart melted, looking at the little burst of coll confidence he got, he zipped right over the next stop and waited for his dad, very proudly.  I too was proud.  It was so great for him to experience that moment of achieving something you doubted yourself in doing.

As a walked back I heard Aleena, who had made her way on the course alone, “Mommy, Mommy, I did it!! I did it all by myself!!!” Again, I was so proud.

I think that the SKY HIKE is an absolute must do with your family. Build confidence and allow your kids to feel proud of themselves. I guarantee you will feel proud too. If you live in Atlanta, you forget how many amazing things there are to do here. Stone Mountain is definitely one of them!

Listen as Jeanine tells us about the amazing things Stone Mountain park has for your family!

After the Sky Hike, we walked over to Memorial Hall to meet Jeanine and Steve Carroll, the Director of Business Development at Full Spectrum.  Full Spectrum puts on the most famous Lasershow in the U.S.

Steve was a pleasure to meet and talk to about this new show they have coming up.  Through spring break you will be watching last years show. Which was fun but I couldn’t help but think about this new show. Coming to the park Memorial Day weekend, Mountainvision makes its debut! Watch as we talk to Steve about this and he explains all about the technology that goes into it.


After leaving Steve, Jeanine took us over to see the baby animals. Wildlife Wonders’ Animal Babies. Meet and greet some of Georgia’s cutest and cuddliest. From fawns and bunnies to a joey kangaroo, our animal experts are happy to introduce you to some sweet and adorable animal babies.  We were lucky enough to go in after a show and sit with Melissa.  She told us all about the show, the animals and the North Georgia Zoo, which I never even knew even existed.

Watch here as Melissa explains the show, the Zoo she works at and then surprises us with two baby kangaroos!


After the baby animals we decided to go visit Miss Katie’s restaurant.  Southern style home cooking at its best.  We enjoyed a great talk with our server Cat.  She was excellent in the knowledge of what makes Miss Katie’s famous.  First, the food.  Friend Chicken and Fried Catfish,  two of the all time best sellers.  Also, the famous roll throwing!!  Yes, when they bring out the hot fresh rolls, they throw them at you!  It is very different and actually quite fun for the family.  Listen as Cat explains it all to us here:


Up next on our Family Fun day, Ride the Ducks!  The Duck vehicles are 1940’s era Army DUKWs, converted into comfortable open-air vehicles.  The first half of your ride is on land.  Our driver, Connie told us some history of the park and some funny stories. All the while we were listening to every child in that vehicle quack their duck bills that they all received.  It was comical at times and at other times a bit much, but at least all the kids where having fun!

The vehicle went right up to the lake and plunged in! We spent about 20 minutes in the water, quacking at ducks and taking turns driving the boat!  It was definitely fun.  This is one of those attractions that you should definitely do at least once!


There is so much to do at Stone Mountain Park you almost need 2 days at least.  We had a hard time fitting everything in and still did not get to see everything!

We made our way close to the mountain to get ready for the Lasershow.  Before we took our seat we felt a good old fashion game of mini golf was in demand.  Yes, it was.  It was great to play mini golf with my little ones.  I remembered playing with my parents and being in awe of how good they were.  This time around, I was the mom and I knew what I was doing.  :)  Dorian and I both got whole in ones!!!


With the fun of mini golf behind us, we took our seats on some rocks and got ready for the show.  While we waited, my children actually entertained everyone gathered around with some pretty impressive dances. ;)  They were clearly amped up and ready to see the show.

The show was just like I remembered.  Music and fireworks accompanied the laser display.  Watching the show, I couldn’t help but think how amazing it will be to see the new one this year.

Leaving the park as the last fireworks went off, we all felt good.  We had a successful family fun day and everyone left happy.  That says a lot.

This is a definite MUST DO!