Friday April 15th.  John Popper, known for his amazing harmonica sound from Blues Traveler, came in Atlanta and played The Masquerade!  Amanda Wilson and I arrived early to meet with John and do what we had hoped to be a very informative interview.  We were ambitious to say the least!  John was funny, witty and way too hard to reel in so it was never an ‘interview’.  It’s more like “Hanging with Popper”.  It is by far the strangest interview ever!

We stayed for the set and right off the bat John Popper and his band, The Duskray Troubadours opened with “Something Sweet” from their newest  CD “John Popper & The Duskray Troubadours”, (released 3/2011)   This was a great show, a much different vibe than Blues Traveler, with a little more rock and more harmonies.

The band, which he had the pleasure of meeting consisted of bassist Steve Lindsay, drummer Mark Clark, guitarists Kevin Trainor, Aaron Beavers and Jono Manson.

The band stuck to  songs from their newest album.  Playing through “All The Way Down” we saw some great harmonies.  “Alot Like You”, “But Anyway”, and “Bereft” followed. They played “Champipple”, “Inspiration”, “The Mountains ”, “Hurts So Much”, “Under The Stone”, “Make It Better”, “Hurdy ”, “End Of The Line”, and “Dont Tread On Me”.  The crowd was feeling it from the beginning and John’s remarks throughout the show kept them wanting more. I  like how he drew the crowd in and made it as though they were all friends, having some drinks and jamming.

There was no better way to end the set and night then with Blues Traveler’s hit “Run-around”.

Opening for John that night was the lovely and very talented Lisa Bouchelle.  We spoke with her briefly backstage and loved watching her and John sing “Tequila” at the end of her set!

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