10 year anniversary… Tonight at The Plaza, 9:30 p.m.

Join The Backstage Beat as we revisit this indie movie hit and see our very good friends, Melany Sebastian and Matt Rasnick.

The Last Rock ‘N’ Roll Documentary – Revisited
production company: silent pictures
Starring: Melany Sebastian
Directed by: Matt Rasnick

The Plaza Theatre and silent pictures proudly present, for one night only, the 10th anniversary screening of The Last Rock ‘N’ Roll Documentary – Revisited.
An updated version of the mock-umentary short film that follows the exploits of singer Johnny Casanova and the lady interviewer, played by Melany Sebastian, who directs the camera crew on their journey to his home town.

In this resisted version, the interviewer has come back after 10 years to reflect upon the experience.

Black and White
30 minutes

*The film premiered 10 years ago to the day, on April 1st 2001 at the New York Film Festival, to an audience who were not expecting a mock-umentary mixed in with their very prestigious documentary films in that program. I guess the joke was on them. Now 10 years later just like the characters in the movie, the film has made it’s way to Johnny’s hometown of Atlanta, to be screened at Atlanta’s oldest and greatest independent cinema, The Plaza Theatre.

Tickets will be $1 at the box office, all proceeds to benefit The Plaza Theatre Foundation, a non-profit organization.

See you all tonight!