In all my years and all the venues I’ve been in through this great city of ours, I must admit that I have never been to The Laughing Skull comedy club.

The Laughing Skull is located inside The Vortex on Peachtree Street in Midtown. (Make sure you don’t go to the one in Little 5 Points for The Laughing Skull, like I did.. ooops)

Very busy on a Saturday night, the line outside was about 20 people deep.  We made our way through to get inside and check out a comedy routine by Ht Rosen and Jordan Stylez.  Ht Rosen had invited us out to see his unique act and experience comedy at this world-famous club.

The club is small and tightly packed, but surprisingly homey.  It is a cash bar with a two drink minimum so come prepared.

The night we went to see this great comedy we had heard so much about featured some local talent and a few from other states.  An Atlanta comic icon, Trey Toler was the host and headliner.  The showcase is Trey Toler and Friends, it happens often and Trey also hosts the open mic on Wednesdays at The Laughing Skull.  If you have never seen him perform live, you need to!

Opening the show and introducing the guest was the very funny Karen Hilton.  Karen is an Atlanta-based comic with 5 years working the scene. She was sarcastic and I’m a sucker for sarcasm! I think I will find where she is performing next and be there!

Karen brought out another Atlanta comic, Nicole Chiles.  I thought at first she was married to another comedian I met recently named Marshall Chiles, but I have since learned she is not.  Nicole talked a lot about marriage and the comparisons of it.  Had me cracking up! I would certainly try to catch her again.

Matt White was up next and this guy is really funny, in an uncomfortable way :) I urge you to check him out, you will laugh, then you will hate yourself for laughing.  It really is a great feeling.

Since I was invited to this showcase by Ht Rosen and Jordan Stylez, I had to stay to see them.  I spoke with Ht on the phone before the show and he told me a little about their show, so I was prepared.  Their show is billed as “A jew and a black guy walk into a bar” so you can imagine what they dare to do.  They did impersonations, of course the one I saw was of Michael Jackson and the feeling from the crowd was mixed.  Some people laughed, some people just let out a “ahhhhhhhhh”.  They told stories and ended the night with a song.  It was all very funny.  These two make a great team.  It seems as though they have a lot of material and I would love to see them again.

Because time was tight for me, I left during the next act.  I am sad to have missed that, because she seemed to be very funny.  I also missed one of the best comedians around, Margaret Cho!! Yes, I learned that you never know who is going to make an appearance at The Laughing Skull.

We think you should check out The Laughing Skull and find out when and where Ht Rosen and Jordan Stylez  are performing next and check out their act!