Friday night was stormy.  I don’t just mean rain or thunder and lightening.  I mean a true storm that dumped water from the sky and shook the very foundations of the rickety building that is the Masquerade.

Despite the awful weather, the fans turned out in full force to see the Ravonettes, a band that has been releasing consistently good albums since 2003.  After opening sets by bands The Mood Rings and girl-lead Tamaryn, the Ravonettes took the stage to the rumbling of thunder outside.

Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo took the stage alone to start the set with two new songs off of the band’s recent release Raven in the Grave.  After these two songs, the rest of the band joined the two, including two drummers with battling drum kits.

The band played about 12 more songs, each with its own mix of retro, 60’s style rock and current pop influences.  The crowd was ecstatic,  and even I had a hard time keeping my toes from tapping and my head from bobbing.

Pictures by TBB photographer Emily Kelsey

After leaving the stage to thunderous applause, the band returned for a two-song encore.  Rather than simply packing up and leaving after the encore, Wagner and Foo stuck around once the lights came up to take pictures with rain-soaked fans.

The best part about seeing the Ravonettes live was the band’s total enthusiasm for their music and fans.  It was obvious from the first song that they were grateful just to be there and that they wanted to put on a great show.  They succeeded in this last attempt and the excited fans, who had braved torrents of rain, thunder and lightening to get the show, could not have possibly felt disappointed.