The music industry! What is it about the music industry that drives people young and old to want to build their career in it? Is it the glamour, the money, the fame, or is it their love for music? In any event, in order to build a career in anything, certain tools are required. Well with the music industry, getting involved in NARAS is one of the first and most important tools a musician needs to have in their inventory. NARAS is not just about the GRAMMY AWARDS every year. This is an organization founded by musicians for musicians. It’s one thing for a band or an artist to build their fan base, in order to sell albums, merchandise, or tickets, but it’s an entirely different thing to build your awareness or exposure to your peers. Your peers are the ones that have already been there done that! They will be the ones to give you valuable insight and open doors that you would have never known to open or would have never been able to open yourself. On top of that are the valuable learning opportunities thru panels and workshops. NARAS is so much more. Please check out the official website here.


New this year for Georgia is the Georgia Music Partners. Headed up by music industry veterans that live, work and play here in Georgia, this organization is working on legislation to award the music industry the same tax incentives that the television and film industries of received. This would be good all around from studios, engineers, producers, to musicians, songwriters, and performers. In a report published by the Georgia Music Partners, the music industry has brought in access of 3 billion dollars of revenue to the Georgia economy. The industry is much bigger and stronger than what is portrayed in the media. More to come from this organization.  Read more about them here.


Another most important tool that needs to be in a musician’s arsenal is networking events. A new one that works on bringing the worlds of music, film, television, internet, fashion, photography, etc. is “Get Connected”. On to its 6th month on June 30th, will be music month. Already on board as a sponsor is NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences) and NARIP (National Association for Recording Industry Professionals).  We do welcome them and any other music organizations to respond and get involved. For the past 5 “Get Connected” events, the patronage has grown from small beginnings at The Lucky Lounge to where it is now at 200 Peachtree (old Macy’s building) in the heart of downtown Atlanta, boasting over 1,200 industry professionals mingling and making deals. Have several more announcements coming soon about the June “Get Connected” event. Be looking for the invite via email or facebook. Keep in touch, stay informed, and get connected!


In the introductory article I have highlighted several important organizations and events that will help to enhance and build a musicians career.  Over the next several months, I will keep you updated on new developments, educate you on these on other organizations that mean something, and keep your calendar packed with events that will get you in front of the right people. Until then, keep safe and RAWK ON!!


Eric Newcomer, The Artist Advocate