The Backstage Beat would like to thank everyone that has supported us in our very successful year in Atlanta.

We celebrate our anniversary today and we are so honored to have been a part of Atlanta and the arts and entertainment scene here.

It has been a long year of lessons learned and amazing accomplishments.

We couldn’t have done it without the support of all the amazing people in Atlanta, the great businesses that have sponsored us and the AWESOME people who write and photograph events with us!

Special thanks to Tom Dausner who has been with us for nearly the whole time. Tom is an amazing photographer and a great person.  Tom’s daughter Anna is a part of our team and we just adore the Dausner family.

Amber Amick, Bradley Stier, Emily Kelsey, Evelyn Clausen, Brook Hewitt, Jennifer McLester, Amanda Wilson and Ashley Staley who bring nothing but positive energy, professional articles and photographs and a smile to all our faces. Thank you guys!

Big Thanks to for the newest sponsorship, as well as Orange Amps, Chapes JPL and Justa Bar.

We would also like to that The Atlanta Ballet, Broadway Across America, Theater of the Stars, The Masquerade, The Park Tavern The Peachtree Tavern, Smiths Olde Bar and all the other great businesses we get to work with often.

Also to Dan and Robin Carroll for the friendship we have formed over the last year and to continued success to you both!

On our anniversary we want to announce that we are expanding!

Launching June 1st we are proud to add to The Backstage Beat Network:

The Backstage Beat Boston

The Backstage Beat Orlando

The Backstage Beat Gulf Coast

We are thrilled to be able to bring the promotion and coverage to other cities.  We will remain a positive site and a platform in which emerging writers and photographers can showcase their work.  All while promoting each city individually.

Amber Amick will be our Sr. Editor in Boston! We are so proud of Ms. Amick and her work and look forward to what she will being to Boston.

Sunshine Davis will be our Sr. Editor in Orlando. Sunshine has spent her live in entertainment and networking and will bring some great things with her to Orlando.

Sylvia Craig will be our Sr. Editor in the Gulf Coast region. Along with some photographers that have worked with us before, we anticipate that area growing tremendously in a few months.  The Gulf Coast region covers Gulf Shores, Alabama to Panama City, Florida! We are looking forward to spending time there, a lot… on the beach :)

In a year with a lot of success and some drama that will go unnamed, we are very proud of the friends we have made along the way, the businesses we work with and the possibilities ahead of us!

Happy Anniversary The Backstage Beat Atlanta!

To all the contributors, again… we appreciate you all so very much!

~Ange and Rob Alex~