So many times I go to a concert/show in hopes that I’ll get a glimpse at
rock and roll greatness, and hope that I won’t end up being bored to tears.
Cage The Elephant was no exception. I especially hoped that I wouldn’t be
bored to tears, since I’m a fan of both of their first two releases.

From the moment they hit the stage, front man, Matt Shultz, was on FIRE! It was
like he was channeling his inner, Iggy Pop and Mick Jagger. The place
erupted by the middle of the second song, as he dove into the crowd. It
wasn’t until about four songs in that he finally spoke to the crowd for the
first time. There was no down time. No time for pimping merch. No speeches
about some personal crusade or agenda. Matt did take a quick second for a
short mention of how jealous the band was of Atlanta being such a great
town, with great music.

Matt had a constant connection with the crowd during
the entire set. If they didn’t play every song off of both records they came
damn close. During the last song of the set, Matt dove into the crowd for
one last time, but unlike all the dives before, he took it to a new level.
He made his way into the center of the crowd, and like an erupting volcano
he rose from the crowd, being hoisted up above everyone, on his feet, not
missing a beat or a word, and making one last connection with his audience,
before saying goodbye, like very few front men/woman do, these days.

They made it clear from the first note, that they came to bring the rock show,
and they brought it with rock and roll greatness.

photos by Tina Louise

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video credit: dot2pop