Dangerous New Machine is a well oiled machine that pumps out what they describe as alternative heavy rock. Dangerous New Machine is getting ready to embark upon their first European tour where they are scheduled to play Sonisphere and Download Fest to name a few. These Atlanta boys are a  3 year strong unit that include former singer of Stereomud, Erik Rogers, Billy Grey-Lead Guitar (Fozzy & Sick Speed) , Randy Reider-Bass and their newest edition,Jack Slade-Drums (Symphony Cult) Slade happens to be rock and roll royalty as he is the son of Ac/Dc drummer Chris Slade. DNM with also continue touring around the country treating old and new fans to their energetic stage presence until they take some time off in the fall to do some work in the “machine factory”. Until then check out their new Website and listen to their new single “Skeleton”.
It’s hard to get fans to come out to shows on a Tuesday night. Hell, I’ve seen bands have a hard time drawing fans on a Friday night.The threat of early morning alarm clocks didn’t seem to deter the DNM fans who filled the Peachtree Tavern  on Tuesday May 24th. These fans sang along with almost every word, bounced and danced at the instruction of Erik. Crowd participation was encouraged! DNM kept the room throbbing with their songs about indulgence, love, loss and every day anger.  The bands cover’s of Flo Rida’s “Low” and  Salt n Pepa’s “Push It” are some of the most entertaining covers I’ve ever heard.

photos by Brook Hewitt