A Noteworthy Fairy-tale Lesson…

One upon a time there was a very happy kingdom. The kingdom was ruled by a benevolent King who held court with 32 Dukes all across the great landscape…

Each of the Dukes employed Knights young and old to represent them in fabulous contests of skill and strength between the duchies…and for their efforts the Knights were plied with equally fabulous gifts and other untold riches.

The subjects of the kingdom were ever so happy…and would travel for miles to pay tribute to the Knights, the Dukes and the King. Despite the fact that most of the subjects were simple farmers, workers and craftsmen, they offered up handful after handful of silver and gold to cheer for their Knights and to buy goods from the merchants hand-picked by the King to peddle their wares at the contests and festivals.

Everyone was living happily ever after….but then…… (Insert your own scary music here)

An ill wind blew a dark cloud across the Kingdom and the King, Dukes and Knights suddenly seemed to fall under a trance-like spell.  The rumors abounded that the evil wizard “Greed the Magnificent” was to blame.

Suddenly the older Knights became concerned with the tributes the younger Knights were receiving, the younger knights became concerned with the continuing riches the older knights would receive after their days of contests were over and the Dukes became upset that their portion of the tributes wasn’t growing to their satisfaction and demanded a larger share and even more frequent contests. All the while, the King’s mood became dark, as he felt that perhaps his power was being challenged…and in time, all of those concerned completely forgot about their subjects…who provided the tributes that funded the Kingdom to begin with.

The Dukes locked the Knights out of their stables and castles and the Knights angrily took their case to the Kingdom’s magistrate…and sadly, it began to look as though there would be no contests in the upcoming season.

In the face of this possibility, the subjects began to find other ways to spend their hard earned silver and gold and their devotion to the King began to wane…after all; there were still contests to be watched amongst the Squires still at University and contests featuring the Knights that lived north of the Kingdom’s border. Unfortunately for the King, Dukes and Knights…they were still deeply under the spell. The arguments raged on and in their collective underestimation of the will of the subjects, they continued to blindly ignore their peril.

No one lived happily ever after. The End.

Whew! Scary….. it’s a good thing this is just a fairy tale and not reality…..right?