Richard Edwards was in a band during his college years called Archer Avenue (named after the street where the characters in The Royal Tenenbaums lived). The band self-released the album I Was An Astronaut in 2004. Before Archer Avenue, Edwards fronted the band Joey Hamilton.

Andy Fry was in The Academy before joining forces with Edwards to form Margot in 2004. He is also an engineer and producer, and a partner in Indianapolis recording studio Queensize. His brother is drummer Chris Fry, also formerly of The Academy. The Academy was previously known as Smart Milk, starting in late 1997 Bloomington, IN. Both are graduates of North Central High School in Indianapolis, and Indiana University, located in Bloomington, IN.

Emily Watkins graduated from Valparaiso University in Valparaiso, Indiana in May 2005 with a B.A. in English. Tyler Watkins attended Ball State University and Full Sail Real World Education. Emily and Tyler, although sharing the same last name, are not related by blood or marriage. Tyler Watkins is the primary producer, with assistance from Fry, of the Margot recordings.

Cellist Jesse Lee and percussionist Casey Tennis have been friends and musical collaborators since childhood growing up in Greencastle, Indiana. The two, along with Tyler and Andy, also play in the pop-punk band Pravada.

Violin/lap steel player Erik Kang met the band while performing in St. Louis, with his previous band, Tiara (named after Wes Anderson’s niece). He graduated from The Ohio State University, a school to which he later returned to participate in an English class’ analysis/video conference with lead singer, Richard Edwards.

Here are some pics of them from their show at The Masquerade with The Twilight Singers!

Pics by Brook Hewitt