My Life With The Thrill Kult is the brain child of two characters known as “Groovie Mann” and “Buzz McCoy”. This band has is self described as “industrial disco sleaze rock” and has been shocking ears across the land since 1987 with a revolving line. The current incarnation (that has always included Groovie and Buzz) played at The Masquerade in Hell on May 2nd. The turn out was low but this did not seem to discourage the band. While the guitarist, bassist and drummer seemed understated Groovie and Buzz had a fun chemistry. Groovie Mann “fronted” as if he was playing a huge packed arena.The small crowd danced and sang along and seemed particularly vibed with the band during the song “Days of Swine and Roses”. The band is touring with 16 Volt and promoting their 11 the album “Sinister Whisperz”.