Eric Scealf could be described as a 33% Charles Manson, 33% Jack Sparrow and 33% Iggy Pop and 1% gob out of John Lydons mouth, started The Unsatisfied out of frustration with the current punk scene of the south in 1986. He has been slinking and spinning  around on stages off and on since then. The Unsatisfied have performed with many huge punk and rock icons the Misfits, Slyvain Sylvain, Cheetah Chrome and Dave Brockie.

Last Saturday, May 28th The Unsatisfied played to a full room in Purgatory at The Masquerade. Fans pogo’d, jerked and bobbed to the new songs that have a very early “Damned” feel to them. The current line up is Eric on vocals, Johnny Stockman- guitar, Wayne Shadwick- guitar, Doug Bales- drums and ET- bass. The Unsatisfied are sure to satisfy your craving for a good old fashion punk show. Their new CD is titled “Songs The Belt Taught Us”. Pick it up today.