Wild Bills here in Atlanta announced their Summer Rock Series which as of now features not one, not two but THREE classic hard rock bands that are without a doubt going to crank things up to “11” and take you back in time to when your hairline was lower, the jeans were tight and you weighed about 50lbs less.

The following shows are Professor Don picks for all his Metal Shop students:

Skid Row
June 25, 2011
$15 adv ga / $21 at the door / $25 for a seat at a table / $50-$100 vip

New Jeresey’s Skid Row took the scene by storm in 1988 with their debut album that boasted such hits as Youth Gone Wild, Piece of Me and I Remember You. Moving quickly from opening act to arena headliners, Skid Row released “Slave To The Grind” which showcased a much heavier and grittier sound with songs like “Monkey Business”, “Riot Act” and “Quicksand Jesus.” After the release of their 3rd album “Subhuman Race”, Skid Row ducked into the shadows only to return again in 1999 with new singer Johnny Solinger and a new album called “Thickskin.” Nearly 11 years later, Skid Row is still going strong playing to packed houses and releasing new music such as the band’s latest “Revolutions Per Minute.” Dust off those old shirts, squeeze into those jeans and get out there and see this band! Local acts Bigfoot and Rockets to Ruin will open the show.


July 22, 2011
$15 adv ga / $25 for a seat at a table / $50-$100 VIP

Since 1983’s “Breaking The Chains,” Don Dokken has been putting out some of the most melodic hard rock music out there. Featuring guitar god George Lynch, Dokken released such hard rock classics as “Its Not Love”, “Into The Fire”, “Burning Like A Flame” just to name a few. Nearly 30 years later and a few line up changes, Dokken is still hitting the road not only playing the songs that are the soundtrack of our youths but they are still putting out some really great music. These days, Dokken’s line up features Don Dokken, Jon Levin on guitar, Sean McNabb on bass and classic Dokken drummer Wild Mick Brown. Expect to hear all the classics and then some at what should be a kick ass evening of classic hard rockin’ music.


July 29, 2011
$20 ga adv / $26 at the door / $30 for a seat at a table / $60-$100 vip

In my opinion, Cinderella was always a band that stood above the pack of bands that they were lumped in with. Considered by industry and fans as a “hair” band, Cinderella proved to be far more than that with a catalog of albums that shows versatility, growth and creativity that far exceeds the genre tag pinned on their collars. Cinderella first popped up in 1986 as an opening act for Bon Jovi’s “Slippery When Wet” tour and since then have released four albums, all of which gave us classics such as “Gypsy Road”, “Don’t Know What You Got Till Its Gone”, “Shelter Me”, “Heartbreak Station” and “Bad Attitude Shuffle” just to name a few. After touring behind 1994’s “Still Climbing” the band took time off only to reappear sounding better than ever in 2000 only to be stricken down by singer/guitarist Tom Keifer’s vocal issues. The band returned to the stage in 2010 sounding and looking better than ever the band is once again hitting the road to bring their roots laden hard rock classics to the fans once again. If you only see one show this summer, this should be it and I kid you not. These guys still bring it in a huge way.

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