I first became aware of Bookit.com when I started researching our family vacation to Florida.

I came across the website and was instantly impressed with all the offers, specials and discounts.

Wondering what made them different, I had to ask.

Thanks to Dawn Hatch and Britt Monroe, my questions were answered.
1.How is Bookit.com different than other online booking sites?

BookIt.com® is an online travel company determined and dedicated to
becoming the leader in providing travelers with the most intuitive
online booking experience full of relevant information, helpful
guides and travel tips.

As a web-based company, BookIt.com knows the value of the internet.
We also believe in the power of the internet. That is, the power to
connect people and make our lives more productive, enjoyable and

FROM™ Technology (Fast-Relevant-Origin-Method) and Market Managers

BookIt.com is committed to offering their guests the best prices and
options in flights with their FROM™ Technology
(Fast-Relevant-Origin-Method) and hotel amenities through their
Market Managers.  With FROM, you can tell us the KIND of vacation
you want to take and around the time you want to go, and we’ll
countdown the best deals FROM your airport(s). FROM doesn’t require
a destination and displays ALL package deals FROM your Origin (your
nearest major airport, with up to two more comparison airports).
BookIt.com also has Market Managers each major market working with
properties to provide our guests with deeply discounted travel
arrangements and amenities such as free room upgrades, instant
rebates, food credits and the finest variety of all-inclusive

Since the launch of BookIt.com’s Word of Mouth (WOM) program in
August 2009, the program has grown to be one of the most extensive
testimonial-based review systems with more than 4.25 million YouTube
views.  Across more than
50 hotels, resorts, CVBs, and specialty excursions, WOM highlights
resorts and destinations through the eyes of the guest — combining
the latest HD technology with the most proven form of grassroots
marketing.  Hotels participating in the Word of Mouth program have
experienced a 121% increase in rooms sold and a 141% increase in
nights sold, which means guests are staying longer.

2.When was Bookit.com started?

BookIt.com is a privately held online travel agency (OTA), based in
Panama City Beach, Florida, with more than 500 employees and
services over 90 destinations throughout the U.S., Mexico, Caribbean
and Central America.
Within the past year, BookIt.com expanded its employee roster 58
percent and continues to grow.


Ok.  I’m in love.  Bookit.com is by far the best site I have used for booking vacations and even business trips!

I plan on using Bookit.com for all my trips to Orlando, Boston and wherever else we start the next Backstage Beat :)

Right now Bookit.com has some really great specials! Check it out and book now! Don’t put off that much needed and deserved vacation!