We are all familiar with the name Planet Hollywood.  I honestly had not been to one in almost 10 years!

That changed when Juliana Cadiz, the PR manager for Planet Hollywood Orlando, contacted me and invited my family out there to experience the food, fun and memorabilia.

Planet Hollywood, a world-renowned trademark established in 1991, continues to expand its brand into a wide array of dynamic ventures such as the new Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. The Resort & Casino was unveiled and has positioned Planet Hollywood as the premier entertainment authority and destination. Founder, Robert Earl, along with original partners and stockholders Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone, continue to steer Planet Hollywood toward exciting and new endeavors while enlisting the star power of Hollywood’s brightest celebrities. With world-class gaming, live entertainment, distinctive dining and out-of-this-world shopping, Planet Hollywood provides guests of every age an unrivaled and unforgettable entertainment experience.

With their headquarters in Orlando, I expected that we would have a wonderful experience at The Planet Hollywood Orlando.
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Downtown Disney is a great place to take the family, walk around and experience a little taste of Disney, without playing the theme park admission.

Once you arrive at the Orlando location, you walk up the stairs on the  red carpet and have a photo shoot.  From the beginning the staff is really trying to give you the Hollywood treatment.

Taking our seats on the first floor, we were able to see where the DJ was going to set up and play.  He was more of a VJ since he played videos on the televisions throughout the dining area.  If you are there to celebrate something, let them know and they will put it up on all the tv’s!

The menu at this location is huge! There is literally so much to choose from.  You can view the menu HERE.

We started with The VIP Platter, which included their famous Chicken Crunch (Yes, delicious chicken tenders coated with captain crunch cereal) Buffalo Wings, Texas Tostados and Spinach Dip.  It was all delicious.  None of us had ever thought to try chicken and cereal, but it worked. I suggest this VIP Platter for sure. At only $19.99, it easily serves four and will give you a taste of Planet Hollywood’s culinary expertise.

Main Course time! Of course our kids all ordered spaghetti.  Large portions and perfectly cooked.

I had to try the steak! I ordered the 12 oz. Ribeye.  Served with steamed veggies and a loaded potato! Cooked just like I ordered it and seasoned so well, I had to keep eating it!

Rob ordered the L.A. Lasagna. A California twist to a classic lasagna! Fresh pasta tubes filled with ricotta cheese and bolognese meat sauce fried to a golden brown with garlic cream and tomato basil sauces.  Yep, you guessed it. Comfort food at its best!

With my parents ordering the Ribs and Chicken Alfredo, we were all satisfied with our meals.

After eating we had the privilege of meeting Chef James and walking through the kitchen to see everyone in action. James Guillery is the Executive Chef at Planet Hollywood.

His cooking career started back in college, in Tampa, as a way to pay the bills. He originally set out to pursue a degree in graphic design.  However, as it turns out, his skills in the kitchen, combined with his artistic abilities, became his new focus and ultimately led to a very successful career in the culinary world.

James has been the Executive Chef since 2008 and I can not imagine the food tasting any better! One key thing to Planet Hollywood’s fresh food, is just that. It’s fresh! It is all made from scratch and picked from local farmers markets. You can truly taste the difference.  Your food isn’t delivered frozen, it is fresh and in season!

The decor is amazing inside Planet Hollywood. So much memorabilia.  You can spend a good deal of time wandering up and around the three stories looking at all the wonderful things they have in their collection.

I highly suggest you visit Planet Hollywood when you are in Orlando.  It is not just for tourists.  The food is great, the staff is friendly and always close by to help.

When you go, tell them The Backstage Beat sent you and then tell us what you thought!