Opening night of Spamalot at the Fox Theatre brought out an assortment of eager fans ready for some fun. A fresh perspective on the Arthurian tale, Spamalot delivers history, comedy, song, and dance with social commentary in the classic “Pythonesque” humor.

New to Python and cult-Python followers were kept in stitches from the initial curtain through the final song. The Broadway award winning Holy Grail story, Spamalot brings out key characters of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and expands the role of the Lady of the Lake including a twist of local flavor easily recognized under the British accents. All the favorite jokes and scenes from The Holy Grail are included such as coconut horsehoofs, nasty French castle guards, flying cows, The Black Knight, killer rabbit, The Knights Who Say Ni, and many others. Hilarious references to various social groups and other Broadway plays, keep your interesting wondering what will be next.

Most notable was the vocals and beauty of the Lady of the Lake, played by Caroline Bowman. In a funny twist from the original movie, The Lady of the Lake, makes sure you acknowledge her with the song “The Diva’s Lament”. Although playing to a nearly full house with magnificent stage décor, lighting, costumes and music; the superb writing, acting, dancing and crazy comedy make you feel as if they are good friends acting out their parts in your living room. Audience participation is a must, especially for one lucky audience member!

Spamalot has two shows on Saturday June 4 and two on Sunday June 5. Don’t miss this outrageously funny and slightly risqué performance!