As a mother, I am on the look out for ways to entertain my children and myself simultaneously while remaining within a budget. About two years ago, I found the solution to out family entertainment woes. I discovered The Silver Scream Spook Show at The Plaza Theater in Midtown. The Plaza Theater has a 70 years history in Atlanta and is the only remaining “neighborhood movie theater” left in the city.  The historical importance of The Plaza alone is cool enough to make a visit but my favorite reason for stopping by is the The Silver Scream Spook Show.

The matinée Spook Show is a FREE FOR KIDS vaudeville type performance hosted by  mad scientist, Professor Morte. Morte shares the stage  for 30 minutes with a cast of creepy characters that aim to “scare the yell out of you”, however children of all ages will laugh at this attempt rather than scream. The jokes are written and delivered to appeal to many levels of maturity yet remain on a low PG scale. This scale changes at night when The Silver Scream Spook Show becomes slightly more blue and focuses on more adult humor and would definitely warrant an R rating. I have been to both and find them equally entertaining. At the end of each show, Morte gives a brief trivia lesson on a classic horror movie before showing the film. These movies may have been scary at some point in time but by today’s standards are nothing more than camp comedy. More laughs ensue due to their old fashioned costumes and dialogue as these monsters and villains appear on the screen. Imagine Pee Wee Herman hosting The Adams Family.

The Silver Scream Spook Show runs several times a year with the next one scheduled in August. Check out their website HERE

Also be sure to check out The Plaza Theater’s website to see all the interesting things besides The Spook Show that this Atlanta treasure offers at The Plaza site HERE