The Backstage Beat is pleased to welcome our newest partner, Club Passim!


Located at 47 Palmer Street, Cambridge, MA, this legendary bastion of all things folk has played host to amazing musicians, and continues to draw major emerging talent. Tiny and subterranean, intimate and unassuming, Club Passim has maintained a reputation of being one of the premier folk-based venues in the country for more than five decades.

Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Tom Rush, Peter Wolf, Taj Mahal, Patty Larkin and Suzanne Vega are among the multitude of artists who can thank Passim for helping to launch their careers. The club (then called Club 47) already enjoyed such high esteem in the ’60’s – so the popular story goes- that a young Bob Dylan played for free between other musicians’ sets just to say that he had performed there.

Today, Club Passim is a force in the local Boston music scene, as well as a venue that hosts up-and-coming national talent. Incorporated as a nonprofit in 1994, the venue is much more than just a venue. The arts organization, Passim, supports the community by offering musical classes and workshops through the Passim School of Music, promotes music education in public schools through a program called Music Speaks, and inspires local children with Culture For Kids. To help emerging musicians further their careers, Passim created The Iguana Music Fund in 2008.

All of this is possible because of donations by people who care about music; its diversity, its quality, and its place in the community. If this sounds like you (and it probably is if you’re reading The Backstage Beat), we invite you to help support our partner by donating here.


There are always great performances scheduled at Club Passim. Check out the calendar, and get thee to Harvard Square.