Taking some time off from time to time is always a good thing, keeping your spirits up and your mind content. But then if you are anything like me, I have to get to work after a period of time or I’ll go insane! What a week to come back to work, NETWORKING everywhere. The key to any top professional is not only that they are go getters and the fact they surround themselves with other top notched professionals, but they are constantly improving themselves thru education and they are constantly meeting new people. These are constants that you have to develop as a habit in order to survive in the entertainment business, let alone the music business. Staying on top, in the know, on the edge, ahead of the curb, fresh, is what you have to do to stay relevant.  Several events this week have become huge opportunities to meet the right people and gain knowledge to help further your career.
Tuesday, July 26 is GMIA (Georgia Music Industry Association) Entertainment Law Workshop. Please do not take this for granted. Knowing the legal ins and outs of the Entertainment community will help you navigate the legal issues effecting your career. This workshop is for the singer/songwriter titled, “Protecting Your Music & Your Brand: The Legal Stuff Musicians Need to Know”. Several of the topics that will be covered are band formation, trademark, publishing agreements, recording contracts, agent/manager relationships and brand protection. Location is SAE Institute at 215 Peachtree Street. Registration starts at 6:30pm, Publishing Workshop at 7:00pm and a Q&A session with Deborah Gonzalez, Esq. (founder of Law2sm, LLC).
This Thursday, July 28, 2011 is the July GET CONNECTED! This months focus is on the Indie Film Maker. For the music professional that wants to get the word out about their music, this would be a great place to be. EXPOSURE is key and meeting the right producer, director, at the right time, takes being in the right place at the right time. Music placement is the new radio for the indie musician it seems. Things that most musicians don’t understand is that by getting their music placed in a movie or in a television series reaps benefits far more than EXPOSURE! Did you know that for every theatre that the movie is seen in, the songwriter gets royalties for even how many times within that one day it played at that movie theatre. That’s just royalties, now let’s talk sales. With some of those blockbuster movies out there, musicians who have had their song used on that movie have experienced between a 10 – 25% increase in album sales.  Give this Thursday a try. On top of the monthly event, the GET CONNECTED! Staff donates a portion of the proceeds from this event to local charities that are making a difference in OUR community. The beneficiaries so far have been the Lisa Lopez Foundation, Corporate Code, Red Cross, and this month will be the Erica Hubbard Foundation. In addition, to all of that they volunteer their own time to go out into the community and help various organizations including Trees Atlanta. Your guess is as good as mine with what they have up their sleeve next, but rest assured they will be doing something that involves the positive support of our community as a whole.
Following up on Saturday, July 30 is The Recording Academy® Atlanta Chapters event titled GRAMMY GPS: A Road Map to Today’s Music Business. What an event this will be. Knowledge overload is what this is – with people like Atlanta’s very own Jan Smith. Having clients such as Justin Bieber, Usher, Sugarland, Matchbox 20 and the list goes on and on! That’s just the beginning with Deerhunter’s Drummer Moses Archuleta, A2IM President Rich Bengloff, Yep Roc/Red Eye Distribution Co-Owner Tor Hansen, Collective Soul’s Ed Roland, Music Supervisors PJ Bloom, Maureen Crowe, Joel C. High and Alexandra Patsavas will be among the industry elite that will be in attendance offering up their expertise in order to help us navigate the entertainment world. There is ONE HUGE offering that The Recording Academy wants to let you know. The entry fee to this event includes a one year membership to NARAS that includes all the benefits. This is a WIN WIN situation for those who are really whole heartedly seeking a career in the music business. Surround yourself with those of whom you aspire to be and become a full fledged member of an organization that can give you that access.
And now for a little fun! The HARD ROCK CAFÉ’S VELVET UNDERGROUND Saturday, July 30th , doors open at 9pm. The Dreaded Marco ft. Black Label Society’s drummer MIKE FROEDGE! Along with special performances by Sid Aerial and Ledfoot Messiah! This show is going to Kick ***! Oops, sorry got a little excited! Get your FROEDGE fix before he heads out again with Black Label Society.
I have always worked hard at trying to help artists get a leg up in the industry. Meeting the right people and getting the right knowledge are key ingredients to any successful business. Hope you are able to take advantage of the offerings this week. More to come, please keep in touch.

Forever the Artists’ Advocate
Eric Newcomer