Dex Romweber is nothing less than an icon of

the American music underground. Pioneering the

template for the stripped to-the-essentials guitar/

drums duo format in the (should be) world famous

psycho-surf-rockabilly-garage-punk combo Flat Duo

Jets—so often emulated, so rarely duplicated—Dex

continues his resurgence with the new album Is

That You In The Blue? With sister Sara on drums,

the DEX ROMWEBER DUO is a potent combo that’ll

get your leg twitching with the beat and your heart

racing -and sometimes breaking- with the feral

excitement of music. If it don’t, you might want

to consider turning in your “I Heart Rock n Roll”

badge. Seriously.


You can check him out Saturday Night at Star Bar – Tickets are only $8!

TBB’s very own  Brook Hewitt will be there, say hello to her!