There is nothing better than a great haircut!  People take this notion for granted all the time, and I was guilty of that myself.  You get tied up with work, family and things you “have” to do and taking time to get your hair done, is somewhat of a luxury and a perceived time waster.  “When I have spare time, I will make an appointment” you say.

A great haircut and color is more than something to do in order to “look” good.  It is actually good for your soul.  It makes you feel great inside and you instantly have more confidence.  Even if you never thought you lacked confidence.

I had the best experience at a great hair salon today.  Melissa Meacham, the owner of Rogue Hair Studio in Woodstock is now the only hair stylist I will go to.  The Backstage Beat has officially adopted them as our hair care team!

Rogue Hair Studio takes their job of cutting and coloring your hair very seriously.  Even though it is a fun place and it can get silly there, trust me, these talented ladies are not messing around when it comes to your hair!

From a simple cut and style to full-blown rainbow fantasy hair, there is nothing they can’t do!

This is place to go to relax, get pampered and get the best haircut of your life.  You will walk out of there with a bounce in your step and a great attitude!

Get right with your hair, go Rogue!