One of the best things about going to as many rock shows as I go to is discovering the buried treasure of a band you’ve never heard of before. I did just that several months ago when I stumbled upon a treasure trove of indie rock otherwise know as Tesla Rossa. I was actually covering another band that night and Tesla Rossa was opening up. I remember being irritated because the line up was way behind schedule and I had other shows to cover that night at other venues. The scheduling conflict ended up being a happy accident. While waiting for my assigned band, I was treated to the garagey rock sounds of the Nashville band Tesla Rossa. Within seconds I was in love with their sound. I shoot some great photos of them that night then went home and immediately friended them on Facebook so that I could follow them. This band was a keeper.

Last Thursday, July 28th, Tesla Rossa played another show in Atlanta. My months of waiting had paid off! As I had hoped, the Nashville boys brought the rock! Jason Lee Denton has a somewhat raspy vulnerability in his voice. The drums, guitar and bass all come together to form a blues infused with tribal marinated in good old american rock and roll. Tesla Rossa did an original set and ended the show with the song Kinetic, currently one of my favorite videos.

This is a band I will keep my eyes on for sure. They have the “it” factor and I expect big things for them.