Trigger Hippy at Smith’s Olde Bar featuring Joan Osborne!

Walking into Smiths Wednesday night we knew it was going to be a good night and a virtual who’s who in Atlanta music when we were greeted by Mike Froedge and Mike Roberts before we even made it upstairs.

Ange and I were surprised to see the upstairs nearly packed, not bad for a Wednesday night!  Taking our place up front we talked to some of the fans who seemed to be split as to who they were there for.  Half for the incredibly talented Joan Osborne and the other half for Atlanta rockers Steve Gorman and Audley Freed.

Much to our amazement, Jackie Greene was a standout!  Holding his own on lead vocals and guitar, weaving harmonious melodic lines with Audley Freed ala Allman Brothers.

The rest of this tour takes them through Birmingham, Nashville and Memphis. We highly recommend you get out and support them!

Let’s hear about the band formation straight from Jackie Greene’s post on the Trigger Hippy website:

A Note from Jackie …

Hey all, this is Jackie. I want to say how thrilled and honored I am to be playing with such fine musicians. This band has a really cool vibe and I think you’ll agree. I first met Steve Gorman when my band opened for the Black Crowes some years ago. I thought he was big and scary and quite frankly, I was afraid of him. Come to find out, he’s an awfully nice guy. A true gentleman and musician of the highest order. Not to mention, he’s a sports fanatic. If he and I are late to a gig, it probably means that the ball game is on and we are in the bar. Just kidding, we won’t be late. Well, maybe.

I think it was the Nokia Theater in New York City where I first met Joan Osborne. I was sort of star-struck because I was a huge fan of her’s to begin with and I was a fan of the documentary “Standing in the Shadows of Motown”. (Actually, to say I’m a fan of Motown is a gross understatement. More like an unhealthy obsession that may require professional help at some point.) Anyhow, it was a Phil Lesh and Friends gig and she came on to sing Sugaree and the place went nuts. She looked great, sounded great and made us all feel like little boys. Now, THAT’S a woman. Dig?

I only mention my Motown obsession to parlay into the one and only Nick Govrik. If there’s anyone who has the bug worse than me, it’s him. Poor guy suffers from it so. Not to mention the Stax bug on top of it. It’s sick. Really. But….if you want to hear funky and soulful bass playing — look no further than Nick Govrik. Nicky G is a funky mutha-you-know-what. Turns out, all those old R & B and soul records did him good.

He also happens to be a walking jukebox. If you catch him on the street, engage him in conversation. Any topic will do. I can almost guarantee you that he’ll find the lyrics to some obscure song in the words you say and he’ll sing it to ya. In full soprano. It’s utterly amazing.

I met Audley Freed at Warren Haynes’ Christmas Jam some years ago. We had one 20 minute rehearsal, then went on stage to perform Isis and a couple other songs. In those few moments, we really connected. He’s literally one of the best rock guitar players I’ve ever heard. Hell of a nice guy, to boot. Oh, did I mention how cool he looks? Straight out of 1976. It’s badass. Anyways, Audley is a pure Southern gentleman. Just about the nicest more honorable fella I’ve ever known. Like many Southerners, he has a weakness for good barbecue. Fortunately, so do I. You wouldn’t know it by looking at us two, but we can eat some barbecue. Believe it.

Anyways — sorry to go off on a tangent there. Hope to see you out there on the road!



Video courtesy of Alan Matkovic

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Special thanks to Joe Schaber at Smith’s for taking care of us that night.