Tristen’s debut album Charlatans at the Gate introduces us to a bitter sweet world of thought provoking ballads.  This alt-country temptress leads us in as she seductively coos a labyrinth of decadently rich lyrics over the course of the 11-track record.   A Chicago native, she became a Nashville transplant in search of a more organic music scene. In a world where female indie singer songwriters are a dime a dozen Tristen separates herself from her contemporaries with a haunting twang and misleadingly upbeat choruses.    To put it into tangibly she sounds like Neko Case circa Middle Cyclone. Yes, we have certainly heard her style of music but, damn, does the girl do it well.

The album is crafted like a jigsaw puzzle where every note is meticulously placed to fit perfectly.  Her signature saccharine synth vamp can be seen in songs like “Baby Drugs” and “Matchstick Murder.”  Yet while her honey spiked voice can be certainly described as sweet she can break into feisty defiance as shown in the album favorite “Heart and Hope to Die.”  The album is littered with gems, with each short song creating its own unique universe for its listener.  Tristen, with her fun and poignant music, is definitely a welcomed dose of fresh blood.

Please Check Out Charlatans at the Gate at her myspace here.