The Weird West Saloon took place at the historic Solarium in Decatur Saturday July 23rd.

Put on by the Artifice Club, headed up by Doc Quincy E. Quartermain. The Artifice Club is a collection of like minded individuals who gather together on a seasonal basis for a variety of reasons. For some, the chance to share stories of travels far and wide, or to exchange designs and plans for the latest inventive gadget. For others it is a place to see and be seen by their peers, and to hob nob among those of like interests. Regardless of form or desire, the Club is founded as an open ground for those who have one foot in the past, one in the future, and no thought to the present.All who share the love of retro-futurism may apply, and our social events will breathe fresh life into the mundane doldrums that is the present day.  The Artifice Club puts on several events throughout the year.

Events at the Weird West Saloon included a trading post, casino and free portraits outside in the courtyard.  Also, performances by Blair Crimmins and the Hookers and music from DJ Swivel and Doctor Q.  Talloolah Love and her Saloon Girls performed as well.

The Backstage Beat always loves being a part of these events.  The people that host them are amazing, the costumes are brilliant and it is always a good time! Looking forward to seeing everyone at Dragon*Con and the Mechanical Masquerade in the fall!

Check out the pictures with a special appearance by the princess of the ball, Aleena Alex.