After waiting in the hot sun at Vans Warped Tour for several hours to get close to the stage, it was clear that this crowd was there to see A Day to Remember.

Talking with some of the kids in the audience while waiting in the photo pit to shoot, I was informed that they had been waiting since 3 p.m. at their spots.  That was over 5 hours!

Founded in 2003 by guitarist Tom Denny and drummer Bobby Scruggs, the band has released four studio albums, nine singles and eight music videos. They are mainly known for their unusual amalgamation of metalcore and pop punk as a musical style.

From the beginning of the set, the audience really identified with bands lyrics and most of the crowd was screaming along.

The only flaw of this set was the blatant disregard for others by several of the punks in the audience. Throwing full bottles of water through the crowd, hitting people in the head, splashing on some of the photographers equipment.  I had hoped the band would say something about respect, but sadly they did not.

Here are some photos of the set: