I have been involved with Atlanta Rollergirls for the last three years. The number one question I get asked is, “Do you skate?”  My answer is always the same, “No, I’m a jeerleader.” Think cheerleader but derby style. I dress up like a post apocalyptic warrior, complete with warpaint and huge, crazy football shoulder pads. I run around, act like a fool, scream for my team The Apocalypstix and get the crowd amped. I do this once a month from February to September at The Yaarab Shine Temple on Ponce De Leon, I am known as Rose Riot.

The second question people always ask, “Is derby  real?” I can honestly answer, “Yes!”  These girls are tough as nails and dedicated athletes. The common misconception is that it is a “work” like professional wrestling. The only thing “fake” are the derby names. These ladies are required to practice several times a week and skate in away bouts as well as home bouts. This is a sport that requires a tremendous amount of energy and dedication.

The derby season in Atlanta is almost over. The last bout day is September 10th where all four Atlanta teams will square off for the championship. I would recommend purchasing tickets online as soon as possible. It will sell out!

Check em out at  http://www.atlantarollergirls.com