Coming September 24th to L5P!


All this for $10!!!

Five Fest Lineup

*all times may be subject to change
Aurora (ALL AGES)
4pm The Head
5pm Jack of Hearts
6pm Lucy Dreams
7pm Baby Baby

Star Bar Outside (Earthshaking Music Stage)
2pm Darling Norman
3pm This Piano Plays Itself
4pm I Want Whisky
5pm Young Antiques
6pm Young Orchids
7pm Gun Party
8pm Anna Kramer
9pm West End Motel

Star Bar Upstairs
5pm Jeffrey Butzer
6pm King Congregation
7pm Hawkeye Pierce
8pm Grand Prize Winners from last year
9pm What Happened to your Fire Tiger
10pm Back Pockets
11pm Mermaids
12am Cousin Dan

Star Bar Downstairs
2pm Shepherds
3pm Hip to Death
4pm Glen Iris
5pm Order of the Owl
6pm Tornado Town
7pm Aku You
8pm Skin Jobs
9pm GG King
10pm Ralph
11pm Street Violence
12pm Ghost Bikini

Criminal Records
Details TBA


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