If there was a genre of music called Alabama beard metal, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster would be the forerunners of it. These Birmingham, Alabama native have created a band based on the concept of the backwoods story of Ma Barker and her sons. MATSOD have their tongues firmly placed in their cheeks and don’t appear to take themselves too seriously. This was evident when the band opened their July 21st show at The Masquerade with Hamilton,Joe Frank and Reynolds singing the 70s hit , Fallin in Love.

Dallas Taylor  got in the faces of zealous fans with his metal vocals backed by a band that had as many southern rock licks as a hound dog. The enthusiastic crowd filled the room to the point of density that Dallas was able to walk on top of them. They in turn dove onto his stage at one point causing a human tangle. It was nice to see so much energy exchanged between performers and fans.