Walking into Buckhead Theatre I have no clue what to expect from tonight’s music. I know Mumford & Sons saw the headlining act at a Bluegrass festival downtown and invited them to open their show. That is why I am here. As I head inside I hear rock coming from the stage. I make my way down to the front of the crowd. Justin Allmet is performing and I see people dancing and demanding more.  He only plays a short set but I will find him in Atlanta again! Next up is Lera Lynn, a country music group. Twang and heartfelt ballads belt from Lera’s mouth.  This is my “type” of country: a mixture of classic country with a modern Southern twist. Last to come on is Seven Handle Circus. The Circus enters playing and soon the crowd is jumping and swaying as a unit to the sound of Bluegrass, rock, alternative, and even rap. Seven Handle Circus wows me. There is non-stop sound and a stage performance that engages the audience. These guys pack the house. If you have not been out to see a Seven Handle Circus show,  it is an Atlanta “must” do.  At the end of the night I did not want to leave or have the music stop. I expect to see these guys on top of the charts soon.