SOLD OUT“, is what the sign read on the door of The Drunken Unicorn the night of  August 17th.  There was a larger than usual crowd for a Tuesday night. Standing outside, the spillover from inside was wall to wall with people. This mass of humanity was all here to see the band The Dear Hunter. A six piece indie band heavy on the flannel and light on the footwear. The Dear Hunter describes their genre on Facebook as “dunkaroo“. I’ve never been good at keeping up with all the different genres but if I had to describe them, I would say  garage rock that is one barefoot step away from being a jam band. So, I guess dunkaroo works too. I was actually surprised at the sounds coming off the stage once the band started playing. They were much closer to garage than jam, which is what I expected. This surprisingly rock and roll feel could be in part due to frontman Casey Crescenzo’s past experience with the post hardcore band The Receiving End of Sirens. Casey brings a heavy, loud and  bluesy vocal styling. He is accompanied by a band that has a thick full sound with many layers of percussion, grooving bass and a combo of screamy, reverb guitar. At times the band seemed to ride a wave of very 80’s bass lines and shoe gaze guitar. The room packed out with fans seemed to know every word to every song and many times throughout the set burst into yells of approval and applause at the bands song selection.

The Dear Hunter began in Rhode Island in 2005 and has just released their 4th album, “The Color Spectrum”, a conceptual album that has 9 parts each one dedicated to a different color with 4 tracks on each part. This band has taken some unique approaches to not just album concept but also to marketing with a spotify contest and an offer for a lifetime membership to the fan club promising a pass to any show for the rest of the band’s career. The band recently announced on their website that they had just sold out of their vinyl album. Sold Out seems to be a term that TDH hears a lot. Much like the Atlanta show, they have been selling out clubs all across the land this summer.

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