The sign on the box said “Come one Come all” as if I was about to see some sort of circus sideshow.

Wow… they could not have been more accurate.

Waiting for The Venetia Fair I noticed the amazingly skinny, tan boys moving around the stage. Having just talked to Mike and Ben, I was ready for a great show.

I watched Mike grab his bass and head over to the front of the stage. He held the bass like a gun to his face and peered out to the audience. Just then the ‘sideshow” began… with a spray of water that they all spit out of their mouths into the audience, I knew this was going to be interesting to say the least.

High energy and loud, circus like performance, that is how I would describe them.  I actually like them.  Reminded me of when I was the age the audience was and I loved Mr. Bungle…

ALSO . . . check out our video interview of The Venetia Fair at Vans Warped Tour here!

Great job boys… stay skinny and keep rockin the side-show freakism..